Prime Minister May resignation the last straw.

Yesterday the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom announced her resignation effective from June 7, this year.

For three years May endured humiliation under the daunting task of delivering the Brexit, three times she steadfastly she attempted to get her government plan on Brexit approved but to no avail.

The last straw was probably her attempt to please the oppositions and the Labor Party by proposing a potential second referendum on Brexit, a concession that antagonized many, according to Alex Forrest Whiting, a DW Brexit Analyst. With numerous resignations from her cabinet and the latest one this week, it was only a matter of time before the Prime Minister quits.

From the beginning it was unclear how a voter to remain in the EU was going to deliver a successful Brexit. Of course the EU wasn’t going to let Britain off the hook easily, a quagmire that left May in a particularly difficult situation.

Against all the odds, Brussels agreed on a deal the UK Parliament could not accept on the ground that it was unpalatable to the British people who voted to leave the EU.

Unfortunately, surviving a vote of no confidence was not going to stop the inevitable, Mrs. May could not please both the EU and the Parliament at the same time and had to pay the price.

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