Adesina: Buhari’s Failure to Guarantee the Safety of Lives is Impeachable Offence

Adesina Buhari Impeach

Adesina Ogunlana, the President of Nigeria Bar Association Ikeja, has join the list of Nigerians calling out President Buhari for his silence and lukewarm reaction to Fulani herdsmen killings in Nigeria.

In apparent reference to Buhari’s brutal take down of IPOB protest last year, and constant deployment of force in the creeks to deal with Niger Deltas disrupting the flow of oil, it is rather ominous that the same president has treated with kids’ glove, a world recognized terrorist groups (Fulani militant/herdsmen).

“We have seen the federal government display its might and concern for security in certain parts of the country, the question and puzzle now is why the government is quiet in the face of the Fulani herdsmen?” Adesina asked

In reference to Buhari’s overlook of the herdsmen catastrophe, Adesina further explained that not only has this raise questions over Buhari’s government impartiality, or some might suggest his discreet support of the Fulani herdsmen, but it has also exposed the government failure in its most important duty – protection of lives. On this development he declared;

“The chief reason, responsibility and duty of government is to ensure the security of life in its area. I dare say that the failure of the government to rise to the issue is enough ground for the impeachment of the President.”

Given this wanton failure in its duty, the other alternative according to Adesina is for people to defend themselves. A government that has failed to protect lives over and over shouldn’t be relied on for the continued protection of lives of the people.

Yesterday, Governor Fayose of Ekiti State mobilized his statesmen, particularly hunters to begin preparation to protect the state, as the case is now, not to arrange your own security is at your own detriment.

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