The World Dumping Nigeria: China to Join European Nations in Reducing Petroleum Consumption

No Nation Wants Nigerian Oil Anymore

Major European Nations, and now China, all Planning and Working Hard Toward Reducing Their Petroleum Consumption

This is a question many Nigerians have asked consistently, are we going to drink this our oil once no country no longer wants it? First it was Germany that declared that it was going to stop making petrol cars by 2040, then major European countries followed, and now China, one of the remaining countries that still buy oil from Nigeria.

China wants to start reduction of its petrol consumption as early as 2025. It is delusional assume that it is a long way to 2025/2040. Consider the fact that even bigger and more stable oil producing countries in the Middle East have been scrambling to diversify their economy. Nigeria, being way behind in terms of sustainable development should be in panic mode.

Unless the government starts making the necessary changes, it will get to a point when no one will need this our oil. Unfortunately we won’t cook pepper-soup with it.


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