EFCC Dragged Innoson Motors’ CEO to Lagos, in his Underwear: Video of Senate Reaction

Innoson Dragged to Lagos in Underwear

If the EFCC maltreated the first black car manufacturer, dragged him from Enugu to Lagos in his pants, what do you think they would do to you?

In connivance with the Guaranty Trust Bank, the EFCC in a gestapo styled operation, besieged Innocent Chukwuma, the CEO of Innoson Technical Manufacturing Company, dragged him off to Lagos in his underwear, and still expects you and my humble self to believe that’s because he refused their invitation, despite winning a court case and an award of N4bn against GTB?

They even had the joviality to claim that some unarmed Innoson employees manhandled the security officials, perhaps those superhuman employees were oblivion of the machine guns wielded by the heavily armed operatives.

But jokes apart, there are very troubling questions in this case, and it will be at our own peril to relegate this issue;

What is in the world is going on between the EFCC and the GTB, has the EFCC been reduced to a thug organization for big banks, instead of an unbiased government agency? Why would the GTB loose a court case and then employ the EFCC to harass and intimidate the victor?

Lurking in the dark by EFCC and GTB

This operation was so clandestinely executed that even the EFCC officers in Enugu had no knowledge that Chukwuma was in an imminent danger of arrest. At least you would expect the office of the Attorney-General of the Federation to be privy of the situation but the office too was un aware.

It’s a heinous, and bad omen for our future that an arrest of this nature and magnitude was hatched in the dark corners by the EFCC and the GTB, without any recourse to due process.

It was only after questions started mounting that the spokesman for the EFCC, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, released a statement claiming that Chukwuma had refused to honour their invitation, an assertion Innoson Group debunked. They car company further buttressed their argument with a reference to the last correspondence between them and EFCC, in 2012 when the Guaranty Trust Bank employed the same EFCC in a dispute between Innoson and the bank.

Allegedly, GTB has withdrawn N560m from Innoson account without his consent, resulting in a suit at the Federal High Court in Awka, suit no: FHC/AWK/139/2012. Subsequently a judgment was made in favour of Innoson, with an award of N4.7bn against GTB.

An appeal by GTB is still pending in court, so why couldn’t they wait for the judicial system to run its course? All the rush and secrecy makes the bank look less credible.

Senate Investigation

We have to commend the senate for setting up an enquiry, and especially the Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu who brought the matter to the floor, calling the arrest a national disgrace and an abuse of fundamental human rights.

Nevertheless, we must watch, pray and do our bits to stop this descend into the abyss, because the way things are going in this country, when a rising car manufacturer, a rare black character, is targeted for humiliation like a common criminal, then my friends.

Watch the Senate React to Innocent Chukwuma’s Arrest;

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