First lawsuit against Boeing, more could follow

On Thursday, the first lawsuit against Boeing Co was filed in U.S. federal court over a March 10 Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX crash that killed 157 people. The lawsuit filed in Chicago federal court by the children of Jackson Musoni, a citizen of Rwanda, alleges that Boeing had defectively designed the automated flight control system, according to reports.

Most countries grounded the Boeing 737 MAX planes following the Ethiopian Airlines disaster, which happened barely five months after the same model operated by Lion Air crashed in Indonesia and killed 189 people.

Boeing admitted it had reprogrammed software on the 737 MAX to prevent erroneous data from triggering an anti-stall system that is related to two deadly nose-down crashes in the past five months.

The admission and belated changes by Boeing could bolster the lawsuit claims that Boeing failed to warn the public, airlines and pilots of the airplane’s allegedly erroneous sensors, causing the aircraft to dive automatically and uncontrollably.

It’s very likely that more lawsuit will follow, irrespective of the conclusion by the Chicago court, given the international scope of the accident, litigations could expand beyond the American border.

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