Igbo Governors Meet to ban IPOB: They Forgot Aba Marshall Plan

List of decisions reached by the south east governors

The Commitments made by the South East governors in their meeting yesterday.

Aside from proscribing all activities of the IPOB, and requiring all the governors to execute that decision, the governors also reaffirmed their commitment to one Nigeria and peace in the region.

  1. One Nigeria
  2. commitment to restructuring Nigeria
  3. To hold the Anambra gubernatorial elections
  4. Appeal to the president to withdraw the military from the South East
  5. Take steps to protect lives of all Nigerians in the area
  6. To cooperate with especially the Northern governors for solidarity purposes
  7. Committed to punishing anyone found to have broken the law

Unfortunately they forgot the most important commitment – Marshall Plan for Aba.





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