Igbos Where are we in our Wisdom and the Intellect? Okorocha

Rochas: Igbos will lose
  • Proponents of Seperation Insincere

  • If Nigeria break up, Igbos will be isolated

Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha, has once again criticize those agitating for Igbos’ secession from Nigeria, and also those supporting IPOB.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Okorocha argues that there were better ways to go about the problems the Igbos are facing in Nigeria. He argued that the Igbos will be isolated in the case they seceded from Nigeria. Because the South-South, Edo and Rivers will not go with the Igbos.

He also noted the fact that the Igbos have trillions of Naira investment in other parts of Nigeria, whereas the Yoruba and the Hausa have nothing in the South East.

The governor is frustrated on that fact that Igbos will lose by far the most, if Nigeria is broken up, yet none of the proponents of separation is addressing that fact.

Instead he believes Igbos should persist and eventually produce a Nigerian president just as the South-South, the South West, and the North have done.

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