Life-after Covid-19: Is the pandemic a blessing in disguise?

Parent kids playSwell

This question could have different answers to different folks, right? I think so, and it’s quite true anyway, that many families are in pain, many are passing through a very difficult stage right now, many have buried their loved ones successively and rapidly too. Depression is the food many chew like a goat chews cud, but in the midst of all these pestilence, many are being blessed more right now.

Absolute quietness of a Sunday morning in Aba; unprecedented

Actually, it took me a quiet Sunday morning to ponder if the current pandemic is a blessing in disguise. I started to imagine how quiet this sunny morning was, if you live in old-town, Aba, you can testify how noisy it gets on Sunday morning. On this day though, one is not awakened by the usual blast of inaudible songs and deafening messages from churches at every block. Honestly, I have no memory of any Sunday morning being this calm.

For the first time in this town I could hear birds chirping, as though they were discussing the revival happening to mankind currently. Nature itself has been speaking all this while but we were too busy to listen. We were always in haste and took no break from business. We were glued to our smartphones and took selfies. Selfies replaced the morals of “Love thy Neighbor”, even though it’s one of the two commandments, upon which the law and the prophets hang on, Matthew 22: 27-39

Ingenious social life returning to our streets again

As I was pondering this Sunday’s quietness and its connection to the covid-19, I flashed back to the previous day and it began to fit like a puzzle. Being one of those in essential services, I get to move around in course of my essential work, and so could see how Aba people are spending this global halftime.

I remember seeing the life in our streets that I never thought I would see again, 80’s children reading this can understand when I say play outdoors. We are all adults today, but growing up, we sure suffered all kinds of fractured bones and all had all sort abrasion playing outside. It didn’t matter your social standing then; life and fun was perfected on the street.

Old town! So you can understand how elated I was to see the youths and the young parents of our age, mingling with the kids of now, I mean the so called Indomie generation were hitting it back to the streets to complete that phase of life the never enjoyed or had. I see college boys and girls skipping ropes on the streets with kids. Catching up with old friends long lost in bustling of things.

It brought me no little joy to see the again the kind of love that flowed back in the days. Here and there, some parents, as part of their exercise routine, drew patterns on the ground and played Swell with their kids. Yeah, Swell! (Remember the two-column six-rowed squared game played mainly by girls then?). One can only imagine what happiness this outdoor game brought to the kids, and a sense of fulfillment it brought to the parents.

Again readers, it’s a rough time we are having, the lock down and the threat of a killer virus, but you have to keep your mind on the positive, continue reading this refresher epistle that will make your break worth it.

In another street of this old town, guys played all sort of games at every corner, and not just your random street guys, but grown-ups, parents and business men forced to stay home because of covid-19.

Somehow, the idea of lock down is beginning to have a different meaning in this town, sure we will be vigilant and take precaution, but my people, the revival here is real, and let’s switch gear here.

Families are bonding like never before.

So my guy Dave still told me of parents that usually have no time for their kids and patience with them, now they parents have been forced by natural force to stop and listen, they’ve been forced to stop and respond to all the matters the kids have piled up all these years of absence, in the process parents have once again taken their true place as the first teachers of the society.

My sister in-law meanwhile has learned how to prepare agidi from her mum, a highly recommended caterer that cooks for celebs during occasions, yet it took covid-19 for her daughter to finally grasp the art.

Many parents are using this opportunity to teach their kids what they never had chance to, but are also learning a vital lesson themselves. For yours sincerely writing this, for the third time or so, I held hands with my sister, and prayed intensively, something we haven’t done in a while. I also get to gist and learn more about her life that I haven’t in a long time. We also had time to see videos of relations, having some swell time with parents and siblings, my heart goes out to people around the world dealing with the horrors of covid-19, down here in old town, it’s a revival.

Technology finally bonding with Ancient

So I was saying something about the kids playing with her parents, I don’t know about you, but I don’t have stored memories of my Dad playing with me, most parents played with their kids back in the days unworried about backups. However, with technology today, we can store record what’s happening today. The ancient is reminding us something today, I can’t say what purposes the recorded memories may serve tomorrow, but the Bible says knowledge will increase in those times, so I guess we will still see more.

Meanwhile, as I was discussing with my guy, two young lads came up to us and asked us to be the judge of their street run, and I had the chance to cover a race that I once ran but nobody covered. Imagine a mother today, playing all sorts of 80’s/90’s games on the streets today and backing it up, when the daughter matures tomorrow and not only remembers but sees the joy her mother brought her back then, believe me the world will be a better place.

The last but not the least is that lives are changing right now

But how is it changing on your own level? You can choose to be on the positive part or on the negative, but that is not just the question, how are all these going to end? This is a mystery yet to be unveiled, will the world ever get better after this global cleansing no one can tell. Will prices of commodities come down or stay where they had climbed to? Will life get busier after all? Can we ever retain the price attained to patience? How much value are we going to place on our smartphones, as in not just the selfies and self loves, but in contrast with the pure and undiluted love of the street?

Will Sunday mornings in Aba return to business as usual, the songs that make a mockery instead of praise God? Should we expect to see real worship at the confines of your home, does the Bible not say Charity begins at home? Love surely begins at home. Now we are home, can we bring the love back?

Before I leave the stage, I saw a man teaching a lady how to drive, I don’t know if they were couples, friends, lovers, engaged, coach/student, no matter who you interpret the guy to be

I, Merije Daniels, say the guy is her husband, and the love starts or can start there. Things will definitely get better, but I guess to some. To those who follow the paths of love, to those who show and return love, to those who know they can’t escape this Apocalypse on their own, to those who trust God with all their heart, and not relying on their own understanding, Proverbs 3:5; to those who want to be REVIVED. If there is a lifeline out there brother, you can see it from the Bible and make use of it.

COVID 19’’ can be a blessing to you in disguise if you accept defeat and drop it at his feet. Drop some bad habits, change the ones you can and leave the rest for Him. Accept that you can’t do it alone and believe in Him whole heartedly, Then stand still and behold His Salvation come see you through.