Nigerians New Year Request from Politicians

Buhari to Borrow $5.5 Billion

This year, please spare us your prayers. Politicians and other persons in position of leadership, please don’t tell Nigerians to pray or offer us yours for that matter, we have enough clergymen in this country.

You can’t be in control of our national resources and still be on control of prayer sessions. As a governor or a senator, you are bestowed with a lot of power, at your disposal are the bureaucracy and funds that you ought to manage for the benefit of everybody in your constituency, so it is more important that you deliver this and spare us the prayers.

Our message to the leaders in 2018 is to take Nigerians seriously, first of all we are intelligent people and can be trusted with serious political/economics discourse. It sounds nice and is a sign of goodwill from the senate president when he says “All of us deserve a chance to live a better life,” but when was the last his senate passed any policy to directly share the better life to all Nigerians.

When it becomes inevitable to talk to us about sharing the better life, tell us exactly what you intend to do and how it will help us, desist from insulting us useless political mantra, we can understand real actionable discourse.

By all means avoid empty statements devoid of substance for Nigerians to feed out of it. Your effort in the National Assembly to pass policies and programmes to make life meaningful for the people should be felt and heard. Nothing stops you from passing a law to rehabilitate water pump systems, roads, refinery and electricity? These are the most common things in other countries, and it’s being denied to majority of us.

Lawmakers constitute only about 1% of the Nigeria population, yet they appropriate to themselves more than 20% of Nigeria’s annual budget. As long as this massive fraud continues, the lawmakers lacks the locus standi to address us on good life.


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