Summary of Trump’s Address to African Leaders at the UNGA

List of African countries Trump met at the 72nd UNGA

List of African countries addressed by President Trump at the 72nd United Nation General Assembly;

Trump addressed a handful of African leaders on Wednesday, at working lunch, along the U.N. General Assembly, complementing them on the business potentials of the continent.

  1. Nigeria,
  2. Côte d’Ivoire
  3. Ethiopia
  4. Ghana
  5. Guinea
  6. Namibia
  7. Senegal
  8. Uganda
  9. South Africa

Main points of Trump’s speech.

Promote partnership with serious African countries because of the market potentials of the continent. Since some of the fastest growing economies of the world are in the Africa, partnering with American firm will benefit the continent.

Trump pledge to partner with Africa in the fight against terrorism. He also agreed with African leaders who had told him the previous night that they were doing a good job fighting terrorism.

On health issues he congratulated Nigeria and Guinea for fighting Ebola successfully, and Uganda for fighting AIDS. He also congratulated Namibia for achieving self sufficiency in the same area.

Meanwhile Trump also recognized the challenges facing the continent. Especially the conflicts in the Central African Republic, the Congo, Libya, Mali, Somalia and South Sudan, among others.

Trump requested African leaders to stand with him against North Korea.

He concluded with a note that “a free, independent and democratic nation, in all cases, is the best vehicle for human happiness and success.”



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