The incomprehensible ₦13.5 million salary of Nigerian senators

Senate ₦13.5 million Salary

The huge salaries of our senators ballooning to ₦13.5 million a month is the root of degradation in Nigeria.

It is mind blowing; the recent revelation by the Chairman, Senate Committee on Local and Foreign Debts, Senator Shehu Sani, Kaduna Central – that Nigerian lawmakers receive ₦13.5 million, or about $38,000 monthly as running cost, in addition to ₦700, 000 monthly salaries and other allowances for cars, house, medicals etc.

In the words of Senior Advocate of Nigeria Mr Femi Falana, it is illegal for our senators to allocates this much payment for themselves.

Imagine that companies hire and pay people based on the values they are bringing along. What values are Nigerian senators adding to our daily lives that warrant salaries more than the ₦18,000 minimum wage?

If senators are paid up to ₦240 million in salaries annually, excluding allowances, whereas an average civil servant survives on ₦48000, how on earth does anyone expect anything good from those workers? Why is anyone surprise by constant striking of our teachers, doctors and other civil servants?

In America, a senator earns 174,000 US dollars and in the UK, a member of Parliament, about $64,000 a year.

This extravagance of our lawmakers is probably the root of all evil in Nigeria – our shitty health system, insecurity, poor education, dilapidated infrastructures and so on. In fact there is no currently bedeviling us that you can trace to this


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