Trump Bombs Syria; Renegades From Major Campaign Promise

Trump Bombs Syria

Put aside the fact that Syria’s Assad would have benefited NOTHING from gas bombing his own neighborhood. Put aside the absolutely senseless notion that Assad after defeating the rebels and securing their exit, would then turn around and start throwing around gas bombs, one thing is clear today, President Trump has begun renegading on one campaign promise that in many respect differentiated him from the then candidate Clinton – waging unprovoked foreign war.

Some would like to argue that the US has the moral high ground to intervene when a despot kills his own people, but then at what price?

Overthrowing Saddam led to the death of thousands of Iraqis, much more than Saddam would have ever killed even if he was insane (which world leader is sane for that matter?) Today Iraq remains in precarious situation, unstable, uncertain, and in Trump’s word – a shithole.

The same thing with Libya where America and her allies helped overthrew President Muarmar Gadaffi; a country that had a better living standard than many European nation, was hence thrown back into the dark ages. Today Libya is known mostly for its SLAVE markets, but was that the reason for overthrowing Gadaffi…? To turn the most prosperous African country into a World Class Slave Market?

Back to Syria, not only does it make no sense whatsoever for Assad to use chemical weapon in a war he won already, Trump for the second time has broken from the consistency that attracted many voters to his campaign.

It used to be; Make America Great Again! America first! World Police we are Not… Slogans that embellished Trump’s campaign – slogans that are becoming more and more meaningless with his increasing intervention in wars that would neither make America nor the World Great Again.

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