Turkey invasion of Syria and the United Nation’s impotency

Turkey invades Syria while the UN watch

Turkey continue it’s unauthorized military campaign in Syria while UN feeble around

Turkey’s military campaign in Syria, unauthorized neither by the Syrian government nor the United Nation, or even the United States once again points the inutility of the UN as a reliable peace keeping organization.

Unperturbed by Washington call for restraint, and the European Union warning of ensuing humanitarian crisis, Edorgan justifies his military campaign in northern Syria as a solution to eradicating terrorists and preventing the Kurds from forming a state along his country’s border.

Whatever the justification for Turkish military campaign in Syria, the consequences for the UN’s tattered reputation is bad. In recent years we have seen not only the United States, the so called world police, but also other global players conducting military strikes beyond their borders in the name of their national interest.

The United Nation at best has become a record keeping body counting casualties and keeping records of conflicts it was meant to prevent.