UFOs have nothing on Israel’s Beresheet moon crash

UFO Israel Moon Crash

It’s only a matter of time before UFO theories begin to emerge about the unfortunate end of the Beresheet spacecraft moon occurrence.

The first Israel’s mission to the moon crashed while attempting a soft landing, according to reports today.

Opher Doron, the manager of Israel Aerospace Industries’ Space Division lamented the tragedy with a sense of accomplishment saying, “We made it all the way to the moon. This is a great accomplishment. We are the seventh country to make it all the way to the moon.” He apologized to observers all over the world that the spaceship didn’t make it the moon in one piece.

The $100 million project funded by SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries, lost communications with the control room in Israel at about 120 kilometers (about 74 miles) from its intended landing site, and efforts to re-established communication by the program engineers spiraled.

Israel had hoped to be the fourth country to land a mission on the moon following the United States, the former Soviet Union and China.

Expect but don’t believe any UFO twist

Even though millions around the world watched live as Baresheet attempted to add Israel to the VIP list of moon landers, the transparency won’t deter future conspiracy theorist bound to add alien twist to this unfortunate setback.

Let’s remember that if Aliens were out to stop man from landing on the moon, they wouldn’t discriminate against countries, Russia, the USA and China wouldn’t have landed on the moon if some kind of moon gate keepers existed to deter man from landing.

So it’s nothing more than a minor setback which in my opinion Israel will surely overcome.

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