Why Would a Sergeant kill Four Civilians, a Captain and Himself?

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Could this gory incident be a result of negligence by the authority and trauma from fighting terror? We don’t know yet, but one thing we know is that four unnamed civilians was wasted by the power sanctioned to protect them.

Yesterday an army officer, Sergeant Silas Ninyo shot himself dead, after killing four unarmed civilians and another army officer, Captain Mani.

It’s not clear what led to the altercation, but what we know is that the captain had intervene to stop the sergeant from further beating some civilians at a checkpoint.

The late captain according to reports, was providing security for worshippers during a church service when he received a distress call that the sergeant was beating up some innocent civilians no apparent reason. On arriving to the scene, the captain chided the sergeant and allowed the civilians to go, after which he tried to disarm the sergeant. The captain was shot dead while trying to disarm the sergeant, the sergeant after killing the captain shoots the civilians and then committed suicide.

The army is yet to officially respond to the incident, leaving folks to speculate what could have led to such fatal altercation.

It’s possible that the rampage was a result of trauma due to long deployment in a conflict zone. Having to face life and death situation in the hands of terrorist on daily basis naturally leaves a psychological scar on these soldiers, after all they are still humans. It’s important for the government to properly cater to the needs of those in the warfront – for the sake of innocent unarmed civilians. In a society where civilians are at the mercy of armed security agents, the authority must do whatever it’s necessary to prevent a guarding soldiers from becoming a murderous gun.

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