You are Outraged About Trump’s “sh**hole Countries” Remark, but do you Really Care?

Trump Shithole Hypocrisy
  • It is hypocritical to be this furious about a comment, and yet silent on life and death matters concerning Africans.

  • Trump’s “sh**hole countries” Outrageous, But Africans Must Have a Solemn Reflection about the Future.

Former Haitian President Laurent Lamothe said it was a new low and called Trump’s remarks “totally unacceptable! Former Mexican President and longtime Trump critic Vicente Fox said the US leader’s mouth “is the foulest shithole in the world.” Even Kenyan activist and politician Boniface Mwangi said “how America elected a narcissist, racist, white supremacist to be their president defies logic.”

African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, called Trump’s remark “very racist.” Later on AU’s Washington diplomatic mission sitting comfortably in the US, released a statement demanding an apology and a retraction;

But how much do you really care about Africa or Haiti?

Rephrase Trump’s remark – African nations and Haiti are extremely poor, they rank as the most miserable places to live on earth, and then ask yourself if it is true.

The undisputed fact is that many African countries are extremely poor, violent, and crisis-prone, and by many measures unfit for human dwelling. If anyone can’t wrap their head around this fact, then ask yourself why millions of Africans would rather drown in the Mediterranean than stay home? Ask yourself why African relationship with the world often assumes that of a mendicant and an aid giver?

I understand that everyone is outraged because Trump referred to Africa and Haiti as miserable, but why is there no outrage on existential issues that actually affects Africans and Haitians?

How about everyone show this outrage at the fact that Nigeria still has no electricity after 50 years of independence? Where is the outrage that African leaders stash national fund oversea, and still collect loans on the head of generation yet unborn? What happened to the Haiti reconstruction fund? What happened to Libya (A country with one of the world’s standard of living under Gadhafi)?

As Trump was making this statement, Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria were murdering 75 farmers in Benue State Nigeria, the victims mostly women and children. And supposedly African Union is outrage about Trump comment in his office, in his country, with the authority given to him by his people.

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